5 Things That Will Actually Make Exercise Easier

This is from a cute little blog I came across today… Homemade By Jaci



Exercise to have fun

1. Drink Caffeine or Beet Juice. I’ll stick with caffeine, but beet juice is probably better for you. A study found that when people drank a half liter of beetroot juice two and a half hours before a workout, their bodies required less oxygen during exercise, which enabled them to run or bike 15 to 20 percent longer before tuckering out. If you choose caffeine, take 200 mg. before you work out, it’ll help you burn more calories while you work out, and after too.

2. Sleep & Eat enough. Adequate sleep makes such a big difference in your energy level. Also, if you’ve eaten enough, either the day before, or before you exercise. That’s more of a personal thing, but I like either a banana, or egg and toast before I work out. Depending on how early or late in the morning I do it.

3. Distract yourself, or workout with a friend. I love working out with friends, but it’s never very practical for me. So music, or workout DVD’s, TV, books, or magazines need to make up the difference. I know a lot of people that will do books on tape, and that really helps them forget about the time.

4. Do it first thing in the morning. Do it before you have a chance to get too busy, or tired. If it doesn’t get done first, there will be hundreds of things to take its place, then once things wind down, and you have a chance you’re too tired.

5. Do the exercises you enjoy, or Train for something. If you feel like you should run, but you absolutely hate doing it, you’ll easily talk yourself out of it. But if you love biking, you’ll look for opportunities to make it work. Training for something keeps you motivated even during those times that you’re feeling burnt out. It’s really motivating!


Talk to you soon!


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